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         The Villers Les Nancy is a tennis tournament part of ITF Tennis Pro Circuit (France F6 Futures) held at Centre de Ligue Lorraine Sud Villers les Nancy, France on indoor hard courts. The conditions .... Read more... Good luck and bet smart.




EJUPOVIC Elmar (GER) [4] vs. KOTOV Pavel (RUS) [2]

    Beating Pierre Faivre over two sets, German Elmar Ejupovic reached first semi-final of the season, he will battle Pavel Kotov for a place in the final. .... Read more... 

ADDED Dan (FRA) vs. [Q] MARIE Jules (FRA)

    The only qualifier remained in the main draw, Jules Marie imposed over Damien Bayard in minimum of sets. He found rhythm coming from qualifications, made fewer errors from the back. Added made impact as well this week behind his more offensive approach, he beat Furness over three sets. Taking Added serve and forehand will be the main key for Marie in this one, Added looks to attack, to finish early on the points but that can lead to errors, Marie is rock solid from the back, he can move Added from side to side, change the pace constantly not offering height. Marie has the cadence, has the patience in his game to wait Added to miss, over a three sets battle we stick with the more compact player backing Marie to impose.

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